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I first heard Sunny Hill when three of the ladies appeared in Narsha’s Mammamia. I didn’t pay much attention because they didn’t really stand out. Then about four months ago, I was checking out the K-Pop chart on YouTube when I saw Sunny Hill’s Grasshopper song on the chart. Not only the title of the song is catchy, the MV seems interesting as well. I checked out the MV — which turned out awesome, and from there I discovered two more songs from Sunny Hill: Midnight Circus and Pray. They both are awesome as well.

Grasshopper Song

One thing is for sure: you’ll find “ring-a-ring-a-ring” get stuck in your head pretty quickly after you hear this song. That’s what happens to my brother (and he doesn’t like it–he’s a hardcore fans–LOL)

Apart from that, I like the message of this song: wake up from your routines and have fun now and then. Why are people always in a rush, drown in what they have to do, ignoring what they actually want to do? How can they feel alive that way?

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After their successful debut with LaChaTa, and then followed by Chu~! (listen to these two songs on my post, K-POP Girlz), f(x) is back with their latest single entitled NU-ABO. Victoria, Amber, Luna, Krystal, and Sulli are back to rock da house!

Check out the official Music Video from SMEnt.

The Song

Now… for those of you who are wondering “what the heck does that title mean?” NU-ABO can be interpreted as new blood… as in ‘the new kid on the block’. The song is about a new girl who is eccentric and is always made fun of. But really, being different is not always bad, right? People just don’t know her that well and therefore cannot comprehend her unique preference. Check the full lyrics yourself.

NU-ABO has a nice beat and a ‘poisonous’ repeated words/phrase in the lyrics that can easily sneak into your head and linger there for a good long time, so don’t get freak out when you find yourself unconsciously humming this song while you are working or studying.

The Dance

As with LaChaTa and Chu~!, NU-ABO has a quite intricate dance moves that are difficult to follow by laymen except for several parts. Yet it is very fun to watch, it’s fresh and energetic and definitely represents the spirit of a NU-ABO.

The Outfit & Appearance

The first noticeable thing from these five girls from f(x) in NU-ABO music video is their hair. Theirs are colored/highlighted with bold colors and are done in quite unique ways. Not only their hairdos, their outfits are unique as well. I will give you some pictures that I capture and crop from the MV:

Victoria: What should I do? they say I’m pretty but quirky…

Amber: Don’t worry, they shall soon see that you are more than just looks

Come on, Krystal! Tell us the result of the LOVE METER ^^

Victoria the leader… still looks elegant with bold red highlight

Amber is the coolest, though this hair style reduces her mysterious air…

Luna has a nice blond highlight that suits the outfit perfectly

Krystal strikes with Cleopatra style. It’s beautiful! though her bangs on the 2nd pic looks a bit weird…

Sulli… cute overload! >_< I’ll give extra pics of her, because seeing her smile just make our day brighter!

So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD) or Girls’ Generation has a new song called “runDEVILrun”

Surely you remember these 9 adorable girls from Korea right? check out my K-Pop Girlz post if you’re not familiar with them. Maybe some of you have fallen for their cuteness in “Gee” and “Oh!” But now don’t be surprised to see them with a dark and sexy concept (pretty much like Kara’s Lupin? you decide).

The Outfit & Appearance

Tae Yeon

With or without bangs, she looks nice.


Fany looks beautiful; this hair style suits her well.


The elegant Yuri. I prefer her straight hair rather than her wavy one.

Yoon A

Some people think she looks like a cute doll with this style of bangs…sorry to say, to me, when I look at her close up, she resembles Dora the Explorer…I think the bangs is too thick.

Hyo Yeon

Hyo Yeon looks fabs with her semi-wavy hair. Too bad she doesn’t really get the chance to show off her dancing skill in the MV.


Sica’s black streak makes her look cool. And check out the way she stares…whoo! No man dares to mess with her I’m sure.


The black hat looks cool, but the curly hair? I don’t think so. Straight or semi-wavy would look much better for Sunny.

Soo Young

Still maintain her short hair style, I see. Though I prefer seeing her with long hair, I won’t lie and say Soo Young doesn’t look nice with her short hair.

Seo Hyun

This maknae looks older than she actually is, thanks to her sleek long straight hair.

Their Black outfit (that somehow looks like Hyun_A’s style in “Change”–just my personal opinion, don’t throw me flames, please ^^)

White on white? Ummm…okay I guess, as long as it does not hurt your eyes…^^


Be careful, boys… Girls these days can shoot right into your heart!



Last but not least… Guess who this is! Hint: one of SNSD’s lead dancer! and one thing that makes me curious…what’s with the pin (can you see it too?), does the hood come off…? hehehe…

A while back, my friend came to my house and asked me, “Do you know Kara’s new single?”
I said, “Uh..no; I don’t keep up with the latest K-Pop.” Then she showed me this MV called Lupin, which she defined as ‘Dark & Sexy’. And indeed it is.

KARA “Lupin”

The Song

It’s catchy. Yea, it can grab your attention right away, especially with Nicole’s English part at the beginning, and the repetition of the word “Hallo”. It’s an upbeat song suitable for dancing anyway. The content of the song itself is not hard to understand; it’s about being number one, being in the front or on the top. Surely, if they want it, these girls can ‘take all of the world’ with their beauty and talents.

The Dance

Like KARA’s other songs’ coreography, Lupin dance is not difficult to learn (if you wanna dance along with the girls, no need to worry). Just think sexy and a little bit teasing, then add some power to the moves.

The Outfit & Appearance

from left to right: Gyuri – Hara – JiYoung – Nicole – SeungYeon

sleek black

angelic white

Black and white outfit never fail to create the atmosphere of elegance.

Nicole and SeungYeon have their hair cut, which make them look sexier. Nicole’s bang covers her eyes oftentimes, and I think it gives off a mysterious aura.

SeungYeon & her now-short hair

Gyuri still maintains her wavy long hair, but I think it’d be better if she get a straight one like Hara and JiYoung. A straight hair seems more suitable for the outfit, and I bet she’d look more elegant. Apparently, she did have her hair straightened, as you can see in their live performance at SBS…see how gorgeous she becomes?

Gyuri may be in charge of being the Beauty Goddess; However…the one who looks the most beautiful in the MV (in my opinion, fellas…please dont get mad if you disagree) is Hara! The straight hair really really looks good on her (compared to her previous wavy hair) because it makes her more mature. Two thumbs up for Hara!


Yea, this part is not important…I just want to mention it ^^. In the MV, there’s a part where Gyuri, Hara and JiYoung sat on a big golden crescent.

This somehow reminds me of the MV of f(x)’s Lachata…

f(x)’s Luna in Lachata MV

Lupin’s crescent looks more fabulous though, because there are twinkling stars on the background. The gold and black color really look good together, don’t you think?

Ayumi Hamasaki ~addict~

Ayumi Hamasaki is one of my favorite Japanese singers…or should I call her diva.

Check out this playlist I made and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with her like I do…^^

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

Track List

  1. Part of Me [lyrics]
  2. Rainbow [lyrics] found in the album A Ballad
  3. SURREAL ~evolution~ (live in Taipei) [SURREAL lyrics, evolution lyrics] SURREAL found in the album Duty, evolution found in the album I am…
  4. Endless Sorrow [lyrics] found in the album I am…
  5. Mirrorcle World [lyrics] found in the album NEXT LEVEL
  6. Real Me [lyrics] found in the album Rainbow
  7. Ourselves [lyrics] found in the album Memorial Address
  8. Marionette [lyrics] found in the album GUILTY
  9. Ladies Night [lyrics] found in the album miss(understood)
  10. Startin’ [lyrics] found in the album Secret
  11. STEP you [lyrics] found in the album miss(understood)
  12. Rule [lyrics] found in the album NEXT LEVEL
  13. Momentum [lyrics] found in the album Secret

My Review on…

Part of Me

The video is very beautiful. Ayumi wears two types of kimono which looks really epic to me. The story of the MV is about a girl who was sacrificed, and then she gets reincarnated. The song gives me chills whenever I hear it.


Ayumi looks very cute in this video. She wears some kind of coat and mini skirt which change colors during the MV (first she wears pink, then it changes into red, orange, and lastly white). The concept of the MV itself is quite cool. Firstly, Ayumi is being stalked…and then there’s this (really cool) scene where she splits herself into two and she chases this other self.

SURREAL ~evolution~

This live performance is great; the choreography is cool and energetic, the outfit is also cool. Ayumi wears a gold dress which makes her ‘shine’, plus her wavy blond hair she looks really beautiful.

Endless Sorrow

We won’t see much of Ayumi in this MV. The story is about a boy who lives in a town where speaking is forbidden. One day he finds a white feather fall from above, and he decides to climb a tower in order to find the origin of the feather. The MV is very touching and heart-warming.

Mirrorcle World

Ah…I don’t have much to say about this one. The MV takes place in Paris, and there are these Caucasian men in black attire which look like secret agents. They seem to ‘hunt’ Ayumi. Ayumi wears several outfits here, starting with a (grey?) trench coat, black corset, red gorgeous dress, and white dress.

Real Me

Set in a future dance factory. You can anticipate a lot of dancing in this MV. It’s really futuristic. Ayumi’s make up is so glittery. Near the end of the MV, we will see Ayumi leading a group of girls dancing in colorful dresses. This looks really nice though the choreography is not too energetic.


Ayumi gets into her car and she’s suddenly warped into another place where there are these creepy looking people who have no expression on their faces–and their faces look similar. I like this MV because it gives off a creepy psychotic aura…


Ayumi and her male dancers act as marionette dolls in this MV. They dance around (the choreography is really cool) on a caroussel while their hands get attached to strings. Ayumi wears a cute white dress, contrast to the male dancers’ black tuxedos.

Ladies Night

Another creepy MV where Ayumi wanders down the corridor of a hotel, trying to get into a room. Beyond each room is different kind of creepy scene. In the end, Ayumi meets her other self which has no face. She freaks out and runs into the elevator, having no idea that once she gets inside, the ceiling starts to crush down on her. In this MV Ayumi wears a cute mini dress of pink and blue. She also wears a blue leg warmers and she brings a white cat doll–talk about cute overload!


There are two young men chatting in a record store, and behind them the TV is airing a music program featuring Ayumi Hamasaki. But all of a sudden, the real Ayumi goes through a wall of the store, shocking the two young men. In this MV Ayumi wears a butterfly-shaped pink shades that looks a bit funny (I think) but it suits her fine. She also wears a yellow biker outfit that looks like the one Uma Thurman wears in the movie Kill Bill vol.1.

STEP you

We will find 4 versions of Ayumi in this MV. Each one represents different woman’s personality: glamorous, girly, cute, and bitchy (sorry, that’s just my way of saying it because I don’t know a more appropriate term). I really like the outfit for the cute one…it’s an adorable white dress..I wish I have one like it! ^^ There’s no dancing in this MV, but the concept is nice and you won’t get bored watching it.


Awright…this is the soundtrack of Dragonball Evolution. The song is full of energy, and so is the MV. All of Ayumi’s male dancers get involved in this MV.


I intentionally put this MV last because the story is so sad. It’s about a girl who stands alone outside, in the middle of snow, when everyone is inside their own houses. We will be thinking “Why does nobody care about her?” during the MV, but in the end…it turns out that the girl has passed away, and only her spirit still lingers.

Create a playlist at MixPod.com

Track List

  1. Oh! by SNSD
  2. Gee by SNSD
  3. Genie by SNSD
  4. Lachata by f(x)
  5. chu by f(x)
  6. Mister by KARA
  7. Wanna by KARA
  8. Honey by KARA
  9. Chocolate Love SNSD version
  10. Chocolate Love f(x) version

SNSD/Girl’s Generation members:

The Leader

Amazing Girl

Black Pearl

Cute Overload

Dancing Lady

Ice Princess

Cheerfulness Spreader

Talented Girl

The Magnae

f(x) members:






Kara members:

The Beauty Goddess

The Foxy Lady

Sweet Honey

Tweety the Mood Lifter

The Magnae