When I said that I’m making a quiet book for my newborn son, a friend of mine suggested me to make an alphabet book. I thought, okay, it’d be easy enough. So I started the project and I stole some time now and then to work on it. Turns out it takes me about 3 months to finally finish the project. It could be better, but I’m quite satisfied with the result.

alphabet felt book front cover

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I chose red for the background color because it can grab my son’s attention more easily. He seems to like red and green šŸ˜€ As for the shapes of the embellishments, I just chose them randomly (don’t ask why the crescent moon is placed in the bottom, or why the butterfly is bigger than the bird :p).

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For every alphabet, I added three words, and they’re not chosen randomly. I chose only nouns (mostly the concrete ones, not abstract or concept–except for the difficult alphabets such as Q and X) so they will be easier to explain to my son. The words in this book are in Indonesian; I’ll make another book for English vocab later.