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After some teasers and photos, this Korean girl group finally released the music video of their latest song, I GOT A BOY. It’s so…hip hop style; the song, the dance, the outfit, the hairstyle… It’s actually nice, after watching/listening several times, but my first impression is that it’s kind of all over the place and overwhelming. I don’t know how to explain it… the beat is like jumping around between fast and slow. Well, check out for yourself:

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So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD) or Girls’ Generation has a new song called “runDEVILrun”

Surely you remember these 9 adorable girls from Korea right? check out my K-Pop Girlz post if you’re not familiar with them. Maybe some of you have fallen for their cuteness in “Gee” and “Oh!” But now don’t be surprised to see them with a dark and sexy concept (pretty much like Kara’s Lupin? you decide).

The Outfit & Appearance

Tae Yeon

With or without bangs, she looks nice.


Fany looks beautiful; this hair style suits her well.


The elegant Yuri. I prefer her straight hair rather than her wavy one.

Yoon A

Some people think she looks like a cute doll with this style of bangs…sorry to say, to me, when I look at her close up, she resembles Dora the Explorer…I think the bangs is too thick.

Hyo Yeon

Hyo Yeon looks fabs with her semi-wavy hair. Too bad she doesn’t really get the chance to show off her dancing skill in the MV.


Sica’s black streak makes her look cool. And check out the way she stares…whoo! No man dares to mess with her I’m sure.


The black hat looks cool, but the curly hair? I don’t think so. Straight or semi-wavy would look much better for Sunny.

Soo Young

Still maintain her short hair style, I see. Though I prefer seeing her with long hair, I won’t lie and say Soo Young doesn’t look nice with her short hair.

Seo Hyun

This maknae looks older than she actually is, thanks to her sleek long straight hair.

Their Black outfit (that somehow looks like Hyun_A’s style in “Change”–just my personal opinion, don’t throw me flames, please ^^)

White on white? Ummm…okay I guess, as long as it does not hurt your eyes…^^


Be careful, boys… Girls these days can shoot right into your heart!



Last but not least… Guess who this is! Hint: one of SNSD’s lead dancer! and one thing that makes me curious…what’s with the pin (can you see it too?), does the hood come off…? hehehe…

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Track List

  1. Oh! by SNSD
  2. Gee by SNSD
  3. Genie by SNSD
  4. Lachata by f(x)
  5. chu by f(x)
  6. Mister by KARA
  7. Wanna by KARA
  8. Honey by KARA
  9. Chocolate Love SNSD version
  10. Chocolate Love f(x) version

SNSD/Girl’s Generation members:

The Leader

Amazing Girl

Black Pearl

Cute Overload

Dancing Lady

Ice Princess

Cheerfulness Spreader

Talented Girl

The Magnae

f(x) members:






Kara members:

The Beauty Goddess

The Foxy Lady

Sweet Honey

Tweety the Mood Lifter

The Magnae