“I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me…”
[Lady Gaga – Paparazzi]


What are idols without their fans?
Yup, no idols at all.

I think most people will agree that fans play a big part in the success of an idol and generally in the entertainment world (may I say entertainment world?) If you are an actor or an actress, without fans, who’s going to watch your movies?

If you are a singer or a group band, and you don’t have fans, who’s going to buy your albums? Who’s going to watch your performances? Not only fans are loyal buyers, they also an awesome means of advertising. If they love you, they will unconsciously or unconsciously affect their surrounding to love you as well.

Of course, if there are fans, there are also anti-fans (yeah, it’s hard to please everyone; you cannot have every single person in the world loves you). Whereas fans worship their idols as if some Greek Gods, anti-fans, by any means, try to ruin the idols’ good image, attempting to take them down from their thrones in Olympus.

It’s a black campaign, really. In a way, anti-fans participate in elevating the idols’ fame. For example, anti-fans of group band A post videos that are mocking A in the internet. They show how ugly and unworthy A is. The fans of A will get furious of course, but what about the people who don’t even know A? Perhaps some people would have a bad impression about A and try to avoid A, but some would sympathize, or simply become curious, try to get to know A–and who knows, they might even like A in the end. Voila! More fans for A. Thank you, anti-fans!

Back to what I have stated previously: fans worship their idols–they love their idols. It’s a good thing, right? Who wouldn’t like to be loved?
But oh…how things could go frenzy.

Insomnia : 220

Am I exaggerating if I say that overly-devoted fans can drive their idols crazy? I don’t think so. This kind of ‘big’ fans can be like stalkers, paparazzi. They hang around in the idols’ neighborhood, trying to get snapshots of their so-called superstars. They can be like ghosts that haunt you everywhere. They go “Aaaaahhhh!!” or “Kyaaaaa!!!!” whenever they catch a glimpse of their idols. Or worse, whenever they see the pictures or even the names of their idols printed in magazines.

With Camera

These big fans can act cute, alluring, or whatever in front of their idols, in a (futile) attempt to attract them, but this behaviour turns 180 degrees when they face anti-fans. They can be really rude and sometimes hostile. It won’t be surprising, for instance, if below an anti-fans video of A you find comments such as: “To hell with you and your video!” or “Remove this video or I’m gonna make your life miserable!” hmmm…what a threat.
I mean, can’t we respect others’ point of views?

It’s only normal if we want those close to us have the same point of view about certain idols. It’s normal if we recommend our idols to our friends, wanting them to love our idols as much as we do…But here’s abnormal:

I would go to my friend’s place and show her the video of my favorite idols then I’d ask her what she thinks about it. My friend is not interested. And then I’d go “Oh come on! Watch it one more time! Their song is awesome! And they are super duper gorgeous!” In order to amuse me she’s watch the video again, but still…”Uh…I can’t say I agree with you…” And then I’d freak out “Are you blind?! Deaf?! Should I tie you to a chair and force you to listen to all of their songs and to watch all of their videos so you can see how great they are???” She’d kick me out and there goes our friendship. No one would ever be friend with me again (except perhaps fellow fans that are as freaky as I).


To fans who get infuriated if their idols are attacked or insulted (by anti-fans), I tell you this: being angry consumes energy, and why would you want to waste your energy for someone/people who probably don’t even know you?

Do I seem like I’m in favor of anti-fans? Nope.

Sometimes I find that anti-fans pose a ridiculous reason to hate certain idols, such as “I hate them because they are plastics. They’re just looks, no brains.” …So what? For me, if the idols call themselves entertainers, then as long as they can entertain the audience, I don’t care whether or not they undergo plastic surgeries. I don’t care if the idols embarrass themselves with their own stupidity. Hey, if it makes me laugh, then it’s called entertaining, right?

And do you think it’s fair if only because a few mistakes in live performances we judge the idols “cannot sing” or “cannot dance”? Well, they are humans, not machines. Humans do make mistakes.

the voodoo that you do so well

I admit that sometimes I sigh and swoon when I see the pictures or performances of my fave idols, but I don’t put their photo under my pillow and kiss them every night before I go to sleep. Nor do I lash out at anti-fans and tell them to go f themselves. I also have some idols that I don’t like, but mostly I keep it to myself. Perhaps I’ll gossip it with my friends if someone brings up the subject. The worst thing that I’ll do is sticking the hated idols’ photo to a voodoo doll and stab—just kidding =p

What I’m saying is, I don’t get those kind of expressions of extreme love or extreme hatred. Whenever I see a war between fans and anti-fans, I just smile and chuckle. As if they have nothing better to do…