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After their successful debut with LaChaTa, and then followed by Chu~! (listen to these two songs on my post, K-POP Girlz), f(x) is back with their latest single entitled NU-ABO. Victoria, Amber, Luna, Krystal, and Sulli are back to rock da house!

Check out the official Music Video from SMEnt.

The Song

Now… for those of you who are wondering “what the heck does that title mean?” NU-ABO can be interpreted as new blood… as in ‘the new kid on the block’. The song is about a new girl who is eccentric and is always made fun of. But really, being different is not always bad, right? People just don’t know her that well and therefore cannot comprehend her unique preference. Check the full lyrics yourself.

NU-ABO has a nice beat and a ‘poisonous’ repeated words/phrase in the lyrics that can easily sneak into your head and linger there for a good long time, so don’t get freak out when you find yourself unconsciously humming this song while you are working or studying.

The Dance

As with LaChaTa and Chu~!, NU-ABO has a quite intricate dance moves that are difficult to follow by laymen except for several parts. Yet it is very fun to watch, it’s fresh and energetic and definitely represents the spirit of a NU-ABO.

The Outfit & Appearance

The first noticeable thing from these five girls from f(x) in NU-ABO music video is their hair. Theirs are colored/highlighted with bold colors and are done in quite unique ways. Not only their hairdos, their outfits are unique as well. I will give you some pictures that I capture and crop from the MV:

Victoria: What should I do? they say I’m pretty but quirky…

Amber: Don’t worry, they shall soon see that you are more than just looks

Come on, Krystal! Tell us the result of the LOVE METER ^^

Victoria the leader… still looks elegant with bold red highlight

Amber is the coolest, though this hair style reduces her mysterious air…

Luna has a nice blond highlight that suits the outfit perfectly

Krystal strikes with Cleopatra style. It’s beautiful! though her bangs on the 2nd pic looks a bit weird…

Sulli… cute overload! >_< I’ll give extra pics of her, because seeing her smile just make our day brighter!


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Track List

  1. Oh! by SNSD
  2. Gee by SNSD
  3. Genie by SNSD
  4. Lachata by f(x)
  5. chu by f(x)
  6. Mister by KARA
  7. Wanna by KARA
  8. Honey by KARA
  9. Chocolate Love SNSD version
  10. Chocolate Love f(x) version

SNSD/Girl’s Generation members:

The Leader

Amazing Girl

Black Pearl

Cute Overload

Dancing Lady

Ice Princess

Cheerfulness Spreader

Talented Girl

The Magnae

f(x) members:






Kara members:

The Beauty Goddess

The Foxy Lady

Sweet Honey

Tweety the Mood Lifter

The Magnae