I hope you are all doing well. As for me, I’m still alive and enjoying reading books everyday.

On May 3rd 2016, I visited an event called Big Bad Wolf (BBW). It’s an annual book bazaar that is usually held in Malaysia. This year, for the first time, this event came to Indonesia (to be precise, it was held at Indonesia Convention Exhibition, BSD City, from April 30th to May 8th). Bibliophiles cheered, for this event offered 60%-80% discounts. When I arrived at the spot, I could instantly see that about half of the books on display are children books. They all look so good I had a hard time selecting some for my kid, Nafii. In the end, 4 books are chosen. I wanted to buy much more, but thankfully I still had enough self-restraint not to spend all of my money.

Here’s my book haul; 4 top books are for Nafii, the rest is for me.

BBW 2016 book haul

Now let’s look at the children books one by one.

Dino Parade (Thom Wiley & Benji Davies)

Nafii is fascinated by dinosaurs lately, and has been collecting some dino toys, so I thought he would be happy about this dino book. There are other dino books at BBW, but I chose this one mainly because of the illustrations and the format.


The illustrations are drawn by Benji Davies, and I love his work ever since I saw some Bizzy Bear books (go browse him ^^). The format of the book is like an accordion. It can be pulled to form a long line of dinosaurs.


Below each dino picture is the name and how to pronounce it, which is another plus point from me for this book, because I don’t really know dino names except T-Rex and Velociraptor… -_-”


The dinosaurs are parading and they all look happy 🙂


And after all those festivities, don’t forget to clean up the mess.


Hide and Sheep!

The characters in this book are from the TV show called Timmy Time. Nafii usually watches the show on Disney Junior every 8.30 PM and he kinda like it. Timmy is a mischievous but adorable little sheep.


The story is simple. Timmy and three of his friends are playing hide and seek. Timmy is the seeker. Every page of the book has a window with a clue about who is hiding in the next page.


You will need to find Mittens the kitten, Ruffy the pup, and Yabba the duck.


In the end, Timmy is missing! He’s too tired after looking for everyone and fell asleep 😀


Love the Beastie (Henrik Drescher)

I’m not a fan of the illustrations of this one, but Love the Beasties is a play book that is very fun to read, because every page offers something different to do. Nafii must be accompanied when reading/playing with this book because he tends to tear everything he can tear.

love the beastie

Love the Beasties teaches children to be kind to their pets. The story is about two children who initially treat their pet, Beastie, badly. Then Beastie gets mad and eat them up!


The children regret their behavior and promise to change, so Beastie throw them back up… *insert ewww here.


Beastie and the children then play together happily. They play spin and spin in a roundabout until they get dizzy, they play hide and seek…


And the children also help Beastie dresses up XD.


After a long and tiring day, everyone go to bed and have a good rest. You can put a cute pink blanket over them ^^.


The Quiet Book (Deborah Underwood & Renata Liwska)

I must admit that I bought this one because I totally love the illustrations and the color tone. It’s so soft and calming.

quiet book


There isn’t really a story in this book, only a bunch of activities that are usually done quietly, from morning after you wake up, until evening when you fall asleep.


Some of the activities have a melancholy feels to them; like on the picture above, when a kid is waiting to be picked up from school. He (or she?) is the last to be picked up, so he just sits there quietly, with a kinda sad expression.


Then there’s the quiet that follows after you realize you’ve done something wrong… ^^” And of course, my favorite kind of quiet is when you read a storybook 🙂


I was hoping that reading this book in quiet voice can help Nafii get sleepy. Tehehe~ Well it works! One or two times…


What is your favorite bedtime storybook? I’d love some recommendation 🙂