Genre: animation, adventure

Produced by: Claire Jennings
Directed by: Henry Selick
Written by: Neil Gaiman

Universal Pictures

The Story…

CORALINE. Yes, Coraline, not Caroline. She doesn’t like it when people say her name wrong. And she doesn’t really like it when she and her family move to a flat, a place called Pink Palace, where she has no one for company except for three weird neighbors–and one stalker boy named Wybie Lovat. While her parents are busy working, Coraline feels bored to death. She explores the flat and finds a door that leads to another world..a world so identical to her real world, only the people here have a pair of black buttons for their eyes..creepy, right? At first Coraline is happy because her other parents are fun and willing to spend their time with her..but will she still feel happy when they try to trap her in this other world? when they kidnap her real parents?


Coraline Jones

Coraline and her parents moved to Pink Palace from Michigan. Just like most children her age, Coraline is adventurous and full of curiosity.

Coraline’s mother

She’s a writer, and when nearing the deadline she’s so busy she can barely spend time with her daughter. She feels sorry and wants to make it up with Coraline.

Coraline’s father

He’s also a writer (for gardening catalogue). When his wife is busy, he’s in charge of cooking. His cooking is weird and Coraline doesn’t like it. He also makes this silly song begins with “Oh my itchy witchy girl…”

Miss Spink and Miss Forcible

Coraline’s neighbor that live in the flat below. They were once famous actresses, but now they are just “dingbats.” They have several dogs as their pets, that’s why “no whistling is allowed” in their crib.

Mr Bobinsky

Coraline’s neighbor who lives in the flat above.  He trains mice to do a circus performance, but he won’t let anyone see his mice before they’re ready. Weird as it is, he can talk to his mice. Mr B likes to eat beets.

Wybie Lovat

The grandson of the owner of Pink Palace. For some reasons, he’s not allowed to go into Pink Palace. He’s actually a nice kid, but Coraline thinks he speaks too much.

the black cat

A mysterious cat who seems to know everything. In the other world, he can talk. He gives a significant help to Coraline in dealing with the Beldam.

The other mother / The Beldam

The evil witch who creates the other world and lure children into it.

The other father

A creature that the Beldam made from a pumpkin.


This is one of my super duper favorite movies. It is based on a book by Neil Gaiman. I read the book first and I love it a lot. Then I heard that they were going to make a movie–it excited me so, I could hardly wait for the movie to come out. And when it finally did, I was not, not the slightest, disappointed. The movie is awesome. I never get tired of watching it again and again. Not only the animation is superb (nice characters, terrific landscape and background), the music is also very beautiful.


The mice have a message for you…

lonely and sad

It’s a game we play

Mice Circus

one little thing to do

puppy eyes

the dinner

the sirens of the sea

what a small world

you know I love you