A while back, my friend came to my house and asked me, “Do you know Kara’s new single?”
I said, “Uh..no; I don’t keep up with the latest K-Pop.” Then she showed me this MV called Lupin, which she defined as ‘Dark & Sexy’. And indeed it is.

KARA “Lupin”

The Song

It’s catchy. Yea, it can grab your attention right away, especially with Nicole’s English part at the beginning, and the repetition of the word “Hallo”. It’s an upbeat song suitable for dancing anyway. The content of the song itself is not hard to understand; it’s about being number one, being in the front or on the top. Surely, if they want it, these girls can ‘take all of the world’ with their beauty and talents.

The Dance

Like KARA’s other songs’ coreography, Lupin dance is not difficult to learn (if you wanna dance along with the girls, no need to worry). Just think sexy and a little bit teasing, then add some power to the moves.

The Outfit & Appearance

from left to right: Gyuri – Hara – JiYoung – Nicole – SeungYeon

sleek black

angelic white

Black and white outfit never fail to create the atmosphere of elegance.

Nicole and SeungYeon have their hair cut, which make them look sexier. Nicole’s bang covers her eyes oftentimes, and I think it gives off a mysterious aura.

SeungYeon & her now-short hair

Gyuri still maintains her wavy long hair, but I think it’d be better if she get a straight one like Hara and JiYoung. A straight hair seems more suitable for the outfit, and I bet she’d look more elegant. Apparently, she did have her hair straightened, as you can see in their live performance at SBS…see how gorgeous she becomes?

Gyuri may be in charge of being the Beauty Goddess; However…the one who looks the most beautiful in the MV (in my opinion, fellas…please dont get mad if you disagree) is Hara! The straight hair really really looks good on her (compared to her previous wavy hair) because it makes her more mature. Two thumbs up for Hara!


Yea, this part is not important…I just want to mention it ^^. In the MV, there’s a part where Gyuri, Hara and JiYoung sat on a big golden crescent.

This somehow reminds me of the MV of f(x)’s Lachata…

f(x)’s Luna in Lachata MV

Lupin’s crescent looks more fabulous though, because there are twinkling stars on the background. The gold and black color really look good together, don’t you think?