I first heard Sunny Hill when three of the ladies appeared in Narsha’s Mammamia. I didn’t pay much attention because they didn’t really stand out. Then about four months ago, I was checking out the K-Pop chart on YouTube when I saw Sunny Hill’s Grasshopper song on the chart. Not only the title of the song is catchy, the MV seems interesting as well. I checked out the MV — which turned out awesome, and from there I discovered two more songs from Sunny Hill: Midnight Circus and Pray. They both are awesome as well.

Grasshopper Song

One thing is for sure: you’ll find “ring-a-ring-a-ring” get stuck in your head pretty quickly after you hear this song. That’s what happens to my brother (and he doesn’t like it–he’s a hardcore fans–LOL)

Apart from that, I like the message of this song: wake up from your routines and have fun now and then. Why are people always in a rush, drown in what they have to do, ignoring what they actually want to do? How can they feel alive that way?

Midnight Circus

The concept of the MV is terrific >.< I even love the teasers (which feature Ga-In from Brown-Eyed Girls and IU). It has this mysterious, festive aura that gets your heartbeat racing from excitement. The music is playful, it’s like inviting you to watch the show, the midnight circus, and you better hurry, because it’s one time only, if you blink they might vanish before your very eyes!


This is a sad and heartbreaking MV, truly reflecting the mood brought by the music. I’m not kidding when I say this song can really make your tears fall.

People behind the great songs

Now that these songs are constantly playing in my head, I try to find out more about the members of Sunny Hill. Well, it’s just their names, but at least I know now who is who XP

Jang Hyun


Seung Ah


Mi Sung

Currently, Jang Hyun is on military service, but I hope that doesn’t stop Sunny Hill from producing more great songs.

Sunny Hill