After a baby comes into my life, I have several toy projects I have in mind. The problem is stealing the time to do them :))
In the previous post, I shared with you an alphabet book without the tutorial because I didn’t take picture of the process. It was a trial and error project anyway. This time, I’m going to share the process of making colorful cubes (it’s similar to dices).



I forgot to mention the scissors. It’s near the drawing pen.

Cut the felt square, in whatever size you want. Mine is about 5 x 5 cms. I’m making four cubes, so firstly I cut six different felt colors, four times for each color (6 x 4 = 24 squares). Then I cut six different picture shapes, four times for each shapes (6 x 4 = 24 shapes). After that, glue one shape to one square. I arrange mine as shown in the picture below, but of course you are free to arrange them as your creativity tells you 🙂


And then… a baby boy interfered… -__-

Look who's eager to play with the cubes... They are not done yet, my dear! :D

Look who’s eager to play with the cubes… They are not done yet, my dear! 😀

Okay, now on to sewing the squares together to make cubes 😀 Sew two sides at a time with blanket stitch.

sewing together 1

sewing together 2

sewing together 3

More explanation about step 9:

After every side of the squares are sewn together except for two sides, begin filling the cubes. I filled mine with felt scraps and 4 bells (so the cubes will jingle when the baby wave them around).

The four cubes are ready for the baby to play! Right now he can only hold it and put it in his mouth… and try to chew on it -__- But after he’s older, he can arrange the cubes according to color or picture shape.

arrange by color arrange by pic shape

Good luck and have fun! 😀 If you have any question, just drop it on the comment box.