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More Handmade Journals

Halloa! ­čśÇ
It’s nearly long holiday here in Indonesia, welcoming Idul Fitri. I hope you are all have a wonderful time with your family and friends! Before I’m busy with this holiday :p let me share with you four journals I managed to make recently.

Fourth Journal

DSC_1818 DSC_1819

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Lately, I’ve been in love with handmade journal/notebook. Ever since I found the tutorial for bookbinding in Pinterest, I wanted to try it. I have to say, I hate you Pinterest!!! For giving me so many inspirations, but no time to work on a project. Heh :p Just kidding.

handmade journal & mini book charm

This is the first journal that I made. The inside pages are HVS paper and the cover is cardboard covered by felt fabric. It’s for personal use, so I make it blue, my favorite color. I also made a mini book charm using the same bookbinding method. Some people┬áseem to appreciate it, and a friend asked if I could make one for her. I said sure. She wanted it red, her favorite color, so I use red wool thread for the binding. For the paper inside, I choose 4 colors: white, pastel rose, pastel ivory, and pastel peach.

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Tutorial: Colorful Felt Cubes

After a baby comes into my life, I have several toy projects I have in mind. The problem is stealing the time to do them :))
In the previous post, I shared with you an alphabet book without the tutorial because I didn’t take picture of the process. It was a trial and error project anyway. This time, I’m going to share the process of making colorful cubes (it’s similar to dices).



I forgot to mention the scissors. It’s near the drawing pen.

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The Alphabet Book for Baby

When I said that I’m making a quiet book for my newborn son, a friend of mine suggested me to make an alphabet book. I thought, okay, it’d be easy enough. So I started the project and I stole some time now and then to work on it. Turns out it takes me about 3 months to finally finish the project. It could be better, but I’m quite satisfied with the result.

alphabet felt book front cover

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Needle Books

I got the idea for making needle books from Pinterest. They are used to store needles and pins. They are very cute and you can customize the cover and each page of the book.


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Tutorial: Mini Teddy Bear

teddy bears soda house

This is a tutorial to make a teddy bear doll made of felt material. The preparation is similar to my previous handcraft tutorial (moon kitty felt box and rabbit & cat dolls):

felt material, threads, scissors, needle, dakron, ribbon

Optional: black beads, buttons

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Tutorial: Beads Square Bag/Case

My mom’s birthday is coming up and I’m thinking about making her something made of beads. I’m halfway done when I realize that I need more strings and also need to purchase some zippers ­čśŽ

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Tutorial: Moon Kitty Felt Box

Allright fellas, grab your sewing kit, for I am going to tell you how to make a moon kitty felt box. I like making felt boxes and crescent moon & black cat are amongst my favorite things; they inspire me to make this design.


A card box of an instant coffee, milk, tea, etc.
Felt in various shades of chocolate, and black one.
Threads with colors that match the felt.
Big scissors & small scissors (which is sharper).
Pen (for drawing the patterns).
Glue (preferably UHU, dont use superglue).


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Tutorial: Rabbit and Cat Felt Dolls

rabbit & cat dolls

Hello everyone!

Do you like cute things? Well, I do… and here I am trying to share with you how to make these two cute animal dolls >.<
Before I begin there are 2 things I’d like to tell you:
1. I’m going to make this tutorial bilingual: English and Indonesian
2. I’m not a professional in handcraft making, this is just my way of doing things ^^
Alright then, are you ready? Let’s begin!

Rabbit and Cat Felt Dolls Tutorial



You will need to prepare some things first (see in the picture): felt of various colors, threads, needles, markers (to make the patterns), glue, and scissors. You may see I use two scissors… the small one and the larger one. The small one is actually sharper and it is very useful when you have to cut small patterns.


Pertama-tama, siapin dulu bahan/alat di atas (liat di gambar): kain flanel, benang jahit, jarum, spidol (buat ngegambar polanya), lem (aku senengnya pake UHU, tp kalo mw yg lain jg boleh…asal jgn pake super glue ya), dan gunting. Kalau liat di gambar, aku pake dua gunting..satu kecil satu gede. Yg kecil tuh lebih tajam dan amat berguna untuk ngegunting pola2 yg kecil.

The Patterns / Pola

The Patterns

You may print this patterns and adjust the size according to your preference. Here I make quite small dolls…about 4.5 cm in height (not including the long rabbit ears).


Cetak/print gambar pola ini dan sesuaikan ukurannya dengan seleramu…bisa besar (seukuran A4) bisa jg kecil (seperempatnya A4). Kalau aku siy bikinnya yg kecil…ntar pas bonekanya uda jd, tingginya sekitar 4,5 cm (blm termasuk telinga kelincinya)

Making the Patterns / Cetak Pola

Making the Patterns

Apply the patterns onto the felt material… Big ear: make 2 times; Small ear: make 2 times; Head: make 2 times; Body: make 2 times; Hand: make 4 times; Feet: make 4 times. Glue the small ears onto the big ones. Make the face: one nose, two eyes and two eyebrows using the black thread, and make the mouth using the pink thread (you can blush the cheeks later on using pink marker).

Cetak Pola

Cetak pola ke atas kain flanel… Telinga yg besar: 2 kali; Telinga yg kecil: 2 kali; Kepala: 2 kali; Badan: 2 kali; Tangan: 4 kali; Kaki: 4 kali. Lem telinga yg kecil ke yg besar. Bikin mukanya: satu hidung, dua mata dan dua alis pake benang item, lalu bikin mulutnya pake benang pink (kasih rona pipinya nanti aja kalo uda jadi, pake spidol).

Sewing Time / Jahit Menjahit

Sewing Time

Sew the patterns for head, body and hands together, filling them with dakron. Don’t forget to insert the ears into the head while you’re sewing. Then, attach/sew one two parts of feet patterns onto the body (see the picture above). Glue the remaining two parts of feet patterns onto the first ones (see picture beside). Attach the hands and the head afterwards.

Jahit Menjahit

Jahit dan satukan pola2 untuk kepala, badan, dan tangan, sambil diisi dengan dakron. Jangan lupa juga menyisipkan telinga ke kepalanya ya… Terus jahit 2 pola kaki ke badannya (lihat gambar di atas). Tempel 2 pola kaki sisanya pake lem aja, ga usah dijahit (lihat gambar di samping). Setelah itu baru jahitkan kedua tangan dan kepala ke badannya.

Use the same methods with the rabbit patterns…and Voila! You have two cute animal dolls ^^

Ulangi proses yg sama dengan pola untuk boneka kelinci…dan Ta-da! Jadi deh! ^^

Note: If you make bigger version of the dolls, you may use black beads for the nose and the eyes.

Catatan: Kalau bikin bonekanya yg besar, mata sama hidungnya bisa pake manik2 item.

Black Beads / Manik2 Item