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Tutorial: Mini Teddy Bear

teddy bears soda house

This is a tutorial to make a teddy bear doll made of felt material. The preparation is similar to my previous handcraft tutorial (moon kitty felt box and rabbit & cat dolls):

felt material, threads, scissors, needle, dakron, ribbon

Optional: black beads, buttons

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K-POP: Big Bang Blows Your Mind

Big Bang is one of the most notable Korean boybands who has gone international. The members are G-Dragon (the leader), TOP, Tae Yang, Dae Sung and Seung Ri. I’ve been a fan since their song Lies captivated me. I think they have a unique style and they are not afraid to explore and experiment with a lot of different styles. Apart from the style, each of the members also has a unique and distinctive vocal from one another which enriches their every song. We can always tell which member sings which part because of this uniqueness. What makes me adore this band more is their English fluency (some other Korean artists I know are poor in this and I can hardly understand what they are saying when they speak/sing in English).


Big Bang’s uniqueness is very apparent, right? 😉

Recently, Big Bang makes a comeback with 3 music videos: Blue, Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby. I personally like Fantastic Baby the most because it’s more up-beat than the other two and it has a lot of energy in it.

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