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30 Days Writing Challenge

Day 6: Books That Changed Your Life

Thinking about it, there are no books (yet) that have greater impact on my life than RL Stine’s Goosebumps series. I read–no, devoured–them during my elementary years. Ghosts, monsters, skeletons, you name it, Goosebumps have it. Stine can even make simple things scary.

Was I scared reading them? Of course. But mostly I considered them fun experience, I guess. You can’t deny the satisfaction when bad kids are punished and good kids survive or save the day.

Scary things intrigue me ever since.

Source: bookish.tumblr.com | Gee, thanks Mr. Stine

After Goosebumps, I read Fear Street series (also by RL Stine). These deal mainly with murders, but some still have supernatural aspects. I used to write stories, and they’re heavily influenced by Goosebumps and Fear Street.

Moreover, I believe that every book a person read can change him/her. The change maybe small and unnoticed, or it maybe drastic. I think the way I think right now because of the accumulation of all the books I’ve read. I have an open mind and can feel empathy toward others because of all the fiction books I read. What about you? Are the books you read help shaping your personality to be better?


And the story goes…

Deep down below, lay in deep slumber some terrible giant Gods. So terrible that all they want is to wreck havoc on earth, putting an end to humanity. They can only be appeased by annual youth offerings, and that’s why humans have done a sacrifice ritual for centuries.

In modern world, it is not enough to have an old-fashioned ritual where the youths are placed in an altar and then killed by knives/swords. The believers want to see the youths (the sacrifice) commit sin and then be punished for it. For this purpose, they have built a cabin in the woods that serves as one big altar, and below the cabin, they built huge facility to control everything that is going on above.

For every ritual, the believers need 5 youths to be sacrificed, namely the whore, the athlete, the scholar, the fool, and the virgin. Once they have chosen the five youths, they place the youths in the cabin to play their roles. Even if in reality the youths’ personalities don’t suit the roles they need to play, the believers find a way to drug them and basically mind-control them.


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Finding Horror Movies

Horror has been my favorite movie genre ever since I was a kid. Back then, I remember being captivated watching Chinese vampire movies and Suzanna’s (an Indonesian most famous horror movie actress) movies, but the one movie that gets stuck in my mind is The Amityville Horror.

I was a fifth maybe sixth grader in elementary school when I watched it. It was aired way past my bedtime and my parents didn’t allow me to watch TV past my bedtime, so I pretended to be asleep when actually I was waiting for them to fall asleep. I tossed and turned on my bed, in the dark (the light’s switched off to keep my parents not alerted), trying so hard to stay awake. And when I was sure that the coast was clear, I sneaked out of my bedroom into the living room, which was the largest room in my house. I turned on the TV and quickly lowered the volume. The movie had already started. It’s funny when I remember it now… I mean, I couldn’t focus on the movie back then, because I was wary that my parents would be awake at any time and caught me in the act. Yet I remember the intense fear I felt from watching the scary scenes in the movie. I remember constantly checking behind the sofa that I sat on, afraid that something might suddenly jump out of the darkness to scare me.

A few years later when The Amityville Horror was remade, I was eager to see it. I went to the cinema alone (not because I wanted to relive my childhood experience watching that movie, but because no one was available to accompany me at that time). Frankly speaking, I was kind of disappointed by the remake; it’s not as scary as I hoped it would be. I wanted to watch the original version once more…but to my dismay, I haven’t find it. Nowadays I find it difficult to find a horror movie that really scares me. Perhaps it’s because I have already watched too many horror movies.. I don’t know. For me, a horror movie does not have to be gory (in fact, I don’t fancy watching movies with blood splashed all over the screen).

Let me share you some horror movies that in my opinion are good and worth watching:

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