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Tutorial: Colorful Felt Cubes

After a baby comes into my life, I have several toy projects I have in mind. The problem is stealing the time to do them :))
In the previous post, I shared with you an alphabet book without the tutorial because I didn’t take picture of the process. It was a trial and error project anyway. This time, I’m going to share the process of making colorful cubes (it’s similar to dices).



I forgot to mention the scissors. It’s near the drawing pen.

Cut the felt square, in whatever size you want. Mine is about 5 x 5 cms. I’m making four cubes, so firstly I cut six different felt colors, four times for each color (6 x 4 = 24 squares). Then I cut six different picture shapes, four times for each shapes (6 x 4 = 24 shapes). After that, glue one shape to one square. I arrange mine as shown in the picture below, but of course you are free to arrange them as your creativity tells you :)


And then… a baby boy interfered… -__-

Look who's eager to play with the cubes... They are not done yet, my dear! :D

Look who’s eager to play with the cubes… They are not done yet, my dear! :D

 Okay, now on to sewing the squares together to make cubes :D Sew two sides at a time with blanket stitch.

sewing together 1

sewing together 2

sewing together 3

More explanation about step 9:

After every side of the squares are sewn together except for two sides, begin filling the cubes. I filled mine with felt scraps and 4 bells (so the cubes will jingle when the baby wave them around).

The four cubes are ready for the baby to play! Right now he can only hold it and put it in his mouth… and try to chew on it -__- But after he’s older, he can arrange the cubes according to color or picture shape.

arrange by color arrange by pic shape

Good luck and have fun! :D If you have any question, just drop it on the comment box.

The Alphabet Book for Baby

When I said that I’m making a quiet book for my newborn son, a friend of mine suggested me to make an alphabet book. I thought, okay, it’d be easy enough. So I started the project and I stole some time now and then to work on it. Turns out it takes me about 3 months to finally finish the project. It could be better, but I’m quite satisfied with the result.alphabet felt book front cover 10525883_10203356023654213_5877960352278842063_n 10557382_10203356023414207_9016657109835881826_n

I chose red for the background color because it can grab my son’s attention more easily. He seems to like red and green :D As for the shapes of the embellishments, I just chose them randomly (don’t ask why the crescent moon is placed in the bottom, or why the butterfly is bigger than the bird :p).

10410470_10203355118991597_6392533246941267913_n 10525811_10203355118671589_5369860191751037919_n


For every alphabet, I added three words, and they’re not chosen randomly. I chose only nouns (mostly the concrete ones, not abstract or concept–except for the difficult alphabets such as Q and X) so they will be easier to explain to my son. The words in this book are in Indonesian; I’ll make another book for English vocab later.

Needle Books

I got the idea for making needle books from Pinterest. They are used to store needles and pins. They are very cute and you can customize the cover and each page of the book.


After some teasers and photos, this Korean girl group finally released the music video of their latest song, I GOT A BOY. It’s so…hip hop style; the song, the dance, the outfit, the hairstyle… It’s actually nice, after watching/listening several times, but my first impression is that it’s kind of all over the place and overwhelming. I don’t know how to explain it… the beat is like jumping around between fast and slow. Well, check out for yourself:

Lovely Tae Yeon

The girls leader appears  stunning, especially with her lovely voice that can be easily recognized. I personally love her green hair highlight in this MV.

I got a boy TaeyeonI got a boy Taeyeon 2

Charming Yuri

You can’t deny that she has a strong charisma. I’m glad that she keeps her long dark hair that is her main attractive point. In this MV she  also wears shades that suits her fine. Besides Hyo Yeon, Yuri looks the most suitable for this (hip hop) style.

I got a boy Yuri I got a boy Yuri 2 I got a boy Yuri 3 I got a boy Yuri 4

Adorable Yoona

Yep, she’s simply adorable, in whatever style. ‘Nuff said.

I got a boy Yoon I got a boy Yoon (2)

Cool Hyo Yeon

Hyo looks the best in this MV, perhaps because she has been sporting this kind of style right from the start. It also a plus plus point that she is the lead dancer in the group. Her gestures and her style match perfectly.

I got a boy Hyo I got a boy Hyo 2 I got a boy Hyo 3

Elegant Jessica

Cat ears + Batman shirt is her best look in the MV–she looks cute! To think about it, hip hop doesn’t leave much room for elegance, but Sica pulls it off. She manages to show some swag with losing her calm and composed style. <note: with straight hair, she does look like her sister Krystal f(x)>

I got a boy Sica I got a boy Sica 2 I got a boy Sica 3

Beautiful Tiffany

With beautiful voice and beautiful smile, Fany doesn’t need to work too hard to capture the heart of her fans. I myself am being constantly surprised by her good looks.

I got a boy Fany I got a boy Fany 2

Cheerful Sunny

Hmmm… perhaps too cheerful. Sorry to say, her hair looks like cotton candy and it’s kinda weird. She looks fun and cheerful enough in short blond locks, going with purple, tosca, and pink hair is overrated.

I got a boy Sunny I got a boy Sunny 2

Confident Soo Young

As always, she appears so confident–that’s what I like about her. Plus, she has a wide bright smile that brings happiness. Her outfits in this MV look ok, except for the jeans jumper that looks ridiculous in her tall and slim figure.

I got a boy Sooyoung I got a boy Sooyoung 2

Innocent Seo Hyun

What first captures my attention is her colorful nail art–upon closer inspection, it turns out that her nails bear the reading: I GOT A BOY–one letter each nail. It’s nice and interesting. Regarding the outfit, she doesn’t look comfortable in hip hop style. Also, her hair looks silly being split into two and braided, country-style.

I got a boy Seo I got a boy Seo 2 I got a boy Seo 3

Tutorial: Mini Teddy Bear

This is a tutorial to make a teddy bear doll made of felt material. The preparation is similar to my previous handcraft tutorial (moon kitty felt box and rabbit & cat dolls):

felt material, threads, scissors, needle, dakron, ribbon

Optional: black beads, buttons

How to make:

Cut the patterns similar to the picture below. You can use any color combination you like, of course. I use blue because I like that color :p

I usually start with making the limbs first: arms and legs. Fold the arm pattern then sew the border as seen in the picture. Leave some space open so you can flip it inside out. Once it has been flipped and the sewing is hidden inside, fill it with dakron, then sew it close.

Work on the other arm and the two legs using similar technique.

Next, we make the torso, using basically the same technique as well: sew the border leaving some space open, flip it inside out, fill it with dakron, then sew it close.

The head is the trickiest part, but it’s not that difficult. Firstly, put together two similar head pattern and sew the border from the base of the neck to the tip of the nose. Attach/sew the long head pattern precisely in the middle (see the picture below). Now sew the border on the right side (or left side, it doesnt matter) from the tip of the nose to the base of the neck, then sew the border on the other side as well. Flip the head inside out.

Now let’s make the nose using the thread of darker shade of color. Basically you just sew from right to left (or left to right), filling the space where the nose should be (see the picture). After that, add a smile just below the nose. Also add eyes on the right and left sides above the nose. I make a small teddy bear, so I just use thread for the eyes, but if you make a bigger teddy, you may use black beads for the eyes. The head is done, now close the bottom of the head by sewing it loosely.

The next step is adding the ears. Make the ears by using the technique similar to making the limbs and torso: sew the border, flip it inside out, add dakron, sew it close. Attaching the ears to head can be done either by sewing it or gluing it. When making a small teddy bear, I prefer to use glue because it’s simpler.

Time to assemble the parts! I usually begin with attaching the two arms to the torso; you just sew the three parts together. This can be a bit tricky with a bigger teddy, and you may want to use the biggest and longest needle you have. After the arms, attach the legs also. Next, attach the head. Make sure everything is attached and sewn tightly. You may add buttons (in my case I glue small round felt) to the sides of the arms and legs to hide the thread.

More details on assembling the parts:

Last step is tying a ribbon around the teddy bear’s neck. Voila!

If you have any question, feel free to drop it on the comment box below. Good luck!

Tutorial: Beads Square Bag/Case

My mom’s birthday is coming up and I’m thinking about making her something made of beads. I’m halfway done when I realize that I need more strings and also need to purchase some zippers :(

Anyway, the bag/case that I’m making should look like this when it’s done:

If you are interested in making one for yourself, here is the pattern and instructions:


I’ve finished the bag! :D My mom was happy to receive it.

Korean girl group Kara is back with their latest song called Pandora. I read it somewhere that what they refer to as Pandora is a Goddess whose beauty enthrals other Gods/Goddesses. Therefore, Kara girls hope to captivate the audience’s interest with their charm and beauty as well. I kinda disappointed at that shallow notion, but maybe actually Pandora holds a deeper meaning that they don’t want to share? Who knows…

Pandora has a catchy beat and a mysterious atmosphere, kind of like LUPIN but with more colors. The song captures my interest instantly, but its charm diminishes quite quickly as well. Kara girls do not hesitate to show their sexual appeal through the choreography and tight outfit. In the MV, they also throw in a sense of elegance that makes it seem they are difficult to approach.

As always, GYURI displays a Goddess of beauty look with a long and wavy locks that is done elegantly

SEUNG YEON’s image doesn’t change much, though her hair now has grown longer and makes her looks more beautiful & mature

This cute girl wears make up that doesn’t really suit her. HARA’s image is supposed to be teasing & alluring, but her cute face makes it kind of childish

The cheerful girl NICOLE! She’s probably the one who smiles the most and that alone is enough make up to make her look beautiful

As a maknae, JI YOUNG doesn’t show that she’s the youngest; instead she looks mature and bold with a blue-colored hair that is cleanly cut

And the story goes…

Deep down below, lay in deep slumber some terrible giant Gods. So terrible that all they want is to wreck havoc on earth, putting an end to humanity. They can only be appeased by annual youth offerings, and that’s why humans have done a sacrifice ritual for centuries.

In modern world, it is not enough to have an old-fashioned ritual where the youths are placed in an altar and then killed by knives/swords. The believers want to see the youths (the sacrifice) commit sin and then be punished for it. For this purpose, they have built a cabin in the woods that serves as one big altar, and below the cabin, they built huge facility to control everything that is going on above.

For every ritual, the believers need 5 youths to be sacrificed, namely the whore, the athlete, the scholar, the fool, and the virgin. Once they have chosen the five youths, they place the youths in the cabin to play their roles. Even if in reality the youths’ personalities don’t suit the roles they need to play, the believers find a way to drug them and basically mind-control them.



The Whore



The Athlete



The Fool

(who turns out to be the sharpest and smartest of them all)



The Scholar



The Virgin

(not really…)



Inside the cabin,

The 5 youths are made to choose their deathbringer. The believers, that watch everything in the monitor, bet on what kind of deathbringer is going to be chosen… It is truly despicable to bet on something like this, but the believers seem to have nothing else interesting to do at the moment.

Choosing your deathbringer; choose wisely!

The betting board

There are many options, different deathbringers to be chosen–each one is capable of invoking a horrible terror and bringing down terrible death. The believers call the them: THE ARMY OF NIGHTMARE. Some of them are:

The Wraith

The Little Ballerina

The Sawface (he’s actually handsome if you ignore the sawblades)

The Dragon Bat

The Clown

The believers have worked hard to complete the ritual and to do everything according to the guidelines, but sometimes… things go out of control.




You see the two little girls on the right? I think they are the twins from THE SHINING. What do you think?

About merman

The man seems to be a big fan of mermans. He bet on the merman to be chosen as the deathbringer every time, but he always loses. Ironically, in the end he is killed by the merman.


Think again, Curt & Jules. A room full of men is watching you guys make out :))

So true!

Marty shows that he is not a fool as his role demands him to be.


And congratulations honey, you have chosen the Buckner zombies as your deathbringer.

The Hunger Games VS Battle Royale

I’ve just watched The Hunger Games and can’t help to compare it to a cult Japanese movie, Battle Royale, like many people do. Both movies are about a game/competition requiring the participants to kill each other until only one person is left. My first thought is that to people who have watched and are actually enjoying Battle Royale, The Hunger Games is just a child’s play.

First of all, Battle Royale is more physically challenged than The Hunger Games.

In The Hunger Games, the participants (the tributes) of the game is given a period of time for training and preparation. They are also given the appropriate attire for battle: black jacket and pants. While in Battle Royale, the participants are plunged right into the battle, with only a brief time for game rules explanation. They absolutely have no idea that they’re going to participate in the game. For the attire, they’re wearing school uniforms (the girls are wearing skirts, for God’s sake!)

Battle Royale is also more psychologically challenged than The Hunger Games.

In The Hunger Games, the participants come from 12 different districts, which makes it highly unlikely for them to know one another beforehand. To fight for the glory and honor of their district, they must eliminate the participants from the other districts. In The Hunger Games, it’s highly competitive, and given the two aforementioned facts, the participants are likely more at ease about killing one another.

Well it’s a whole different story in Battle Royale. Here, the participants come from the same school, same class. Yes, they are classmates. The people they have to kill are the same people whom they spend their time with everyday: their bestfriends, even their boyfriends or girlfriends. There’s no pride or honor in killing, it’s purely survival.

Talk about the rules of the game!

The Hunger Games rules are quite simple. At the start of the game, they must fight toobtain the survival kits and weapons which are piled in one place. After that, just run into the forest, hide and observe for awhile, then hunt and kill the others while trying to survive and not to die from natural causes. It seems that this game has no time limit, though the authorities are going to offer a feast, luring the remaining participants to come out of their hiding places and to engage in direct combat when no one dies after a long period of time.

On the other hand, Battle Royale rules are very perplexing. Not only the participants have to kill one another, they also have to wear a choker with a bomb planted in it around their necks. During the game, the battlefield, which is divided into grids, will have red zones which change per hour. When a participant is caught in a red zone, the choker will detonate and boom! instant kill. Oh, and Battle Royale have a time limit (3 days if I’m not mistaken). If no sole victor emerges within the time limit, all of the chokers will detonate. They seem to have no problem in having no winner.

So what do you think?

By the way, almost forget to tell you that there are a lot more blood spilled or splattered in Battle Royale rather than in The Hunger Games. If you do not like gore, perhaps you’ll think twice before watching Battle Royale.

Last but not least:

My favorite character in The Hunger Games:

My favorite character in Battle Royale:

I first heard Sunny Hill when three of the ladies appeared in Narsha’s Mammamia. I didn’t pay much attention because they didn’t really stand out. Then about four months ago, I was checking out the K-Pop chart on YouTube when I saw Sunny Hill’s Grasshopper song on the chart. Not only the title of the song is catchy, the MV seems interesting as well. I checked out the MV — which turned out awesome, and from there I discovered two more songs from Sunny Hill: Midnight Circus and Pray. They both are awesome as well.

Grasshopper Song

One thing is for sure: you’ll find “ring-a-ring-a-ring” get stuck in your head pretty quickly after you hear this song. That’s what happens to my brother (and he doesn’t like it–he’s a hardcore fans–LOL)

Apart from that, I like the message of this song: wake up from your routines and have fun now and then. Why are people always in a rush, drown in what they have to do, ignoring what they actually want to do? How can they feel alive that way?

Midnight Circus

The concept of the MV is terrific >.< I even love the teasers (which feature Ga-In from Brown-Eyed Girls and IU). It has this mysterious, festive aura that gets your heartbeat racing from excitement. The music is playful, it’s like inviting you to watch the show, the midnight circus, and you better hurry, because it’s one time only, if you blink they might vanish before your very eyes!


This is a sad and heartbreaking MV, truly reflecting the mood brought by the music. I’m not kidding when I say this song can really make your tears fall.

People behind the great songs

Now that these songs are constantly playing in my head, I try to find out more about the members of Sunny Hill. Well, it’s just their names, but at least I know now who is who XP

Jang Hyun


Seung Ah


Mi Sung

Currently, Jang Hyun is on military service, but I hope that doesn’t stop Sunny Hill from producing more great songs.

Sunny Hill


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