Allright fellas, grab your sewing kit, for I am going to tell you how to make a moon kitty felt box. I like making felt boxes and crescent moon & black cat are amongst my favorite things; they inspire me to make this design.


A card box of an instant coffee, milk, tea, etc.
Felt in various shades of chocolate, and black one.
Threads with colors that match the felt.
Big scissors & small scissors (which is sharper).
Pen (for drawing the patterns).
Glue (preferably UHU, dont use superglue).


Preparing the cardbox


(1) Cut the front (or back) side of an empty card box –what I use here is the empty cardbox of maxtea– and fasten/seal the other sides (the loose sides) with cellotape.

(2) Using another cardbox, make the pattern for the lid, which is slightly bigger than the box. For example, the box I use here is 10 x 13 cm in size, then I need to cut the pattern for the lid 10,5 x 13,5 cm in size. I also need to cut 2 x (10,5 + 3,5 + 10,5 + 13,5) cm cardbox for the sides of the lid.

(3) Cellotape the lid with the sides together.

Cutting felt to cover the cardbox

(1) Use the cardbox to make patterns on the felt. And you should have…. (2) 3 pieces of cream colored felt to cover the box, and (3) another 3 pieces of dark brown felt to cover the lid.

Covering the cardbox

(1-2) Fold pattern B in half. Sew together the sides using crabstitch.

(3) Sew together pattern B to A1 using crabstitch in the direction following the arrow in the picture, and you shall have (4)

(5-6) turn your result inside out and put the cardbox inside.

(7) sew it together with pattern A2 using crabstitch in the direction following the arrow in the picture, and you shall have (8)

(9-10) push down the top, make sure the four corners are neat, and you shall have (11)

(12) blah…it’s not over yet. In order to keep the felt neatly wrapped the box, we should sew through the four sides inside and out–you might want to switch to a thicker needle because we have to sew through the cardbox as well, and thin needles may break easily.

(13-14-15) do the same technique with covering the lid, and you shall have… (16)

(17) glue a strip of ribbon or biku-biku around the box.

For the toppings, I have mainly four items: cream puff, chocolate stick, candies/berries and moon kitty.

Making choco cream puff

(1) the patterns
(2) cut brown felt into 4 big pattern and cut cream-colored felt into 4 small pattern (the star)
(3) sew through the eight corners of the big pattern and fasten off. glue the small pattern on top of it.
Do all four and you shall have (4)

Making chocolate stick

(1) cut brown felt into four squares as shown in the picture.
(2) roll the felt and glue it.
(3-4-5) spiral the stick with thread (or small ribbon) in lighter brown color, and you shall have (6)

Making candies/berries

(1) cut cream colored felt into 4 small circles and draw plus (+) sign in the center.
(2-3) cut the (+) sign
(4) sew a patch of dark brown felt in the center of the circle
(5) sew around the circle
(6) add some dakron inside the circle
(7) fasten off
(8) turn it around and voila!
Do all four and you shall have (9)

Making the moon kitty

(1) the patterns
(2) cut felt into the kitty and moon patterns. make two of them, mirror one another
(3) sew together the two kitty patterns using crabstitch, while stuffing it with dakron
(4) sew together the two moon patterns using crabstitch, while stuffing it with dakron (be careful not to use too few or too much dakron)
The result is (5)

Arranging the toppings

(1) place the four cream puff in each corner of the lid
(2) place the choco sticks as shown in the picture
(3) add the candies
(4) place the moon and the kitty. done!

…a-ha! you notice the empty space?
That’s for the additional toppings my customer requested.

Additional toppings

Once everything is in place, here’s the final result:

Does my explanation confuses you?
Well, feel free to drop me a question in the comment box below ^^
Good luck and have fun!