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Tutorial: Mini Teddy Bear

teddy bears soda house

This is a tutorial to make a teddy bear doll made of felt material. The preparation is similar to my previous handcraft tutorial (moon kitty felt box and rabbit & cat dolls):

felt material, threads, scissors, needle, dakron, ribbon

Optional: black beads, buttons

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Tutorial: Beads Square Bag/Case

My mom’s birthday is coming up and I’m thinking about making her something made of beads. I’m halfway done when I realize that I need more strings and also need to purchase some zippers ūüė¶

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Korean girl group Kara is back with their latest song called Pandora. I read it somewhere that what they refer to as Pandora is a Goddess whose beauty¬†enthrals¬†other Gods/Goddesses. Therefore, Kara girls hope to captivate the audience’s interest with their charm and beauty as well.¬†I kinda disappointed at that shallow notion, but maybe actually Pandora holds a deeper meaning that they don’t want to share? Who knows…

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And the story goes…

Deep down below, lay in deep slumber some terrible giant Gods. So terrible that all they want is to wreck havoc on earth, putting an end to humanity. They can only be appeased by annual youth offerings, and that’s why humans have done a sacrifice ritual for centuries.

In modern world, it is not enough to have an old-fashioned ritual where the youths are placed in an altar and then killed by knives/swords. The believers want to see the youths (the sacrifice) commit sin and then be punished for it. For this purpose, they have built a cabin in the woods that serves as one big altar, and below the cabin, they built huge facility to control everything that is going on above.

For every ritual, the believers need 5 youths to be sacrificed, namely the whore, the athlete, the scholar, the fool, and the virgin. Once they have chosen the five youths, they place the youths in the cabin to play their roles. Even if in reality the youths’ personalities don’t suit the roles they need to play, the believers find a way to drug them and basically mind-control them.


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The Hunger Games VS Battle Royale

I’ve just watched The Hunger Games and can’t help to compare it to a cult Japanese movie, Battle Royale, like many people do. Both movies are about a game/competition requiring the participants to kill each other until only one person is left. My first thought is that to people who have watched and are actually enjoying Battle Royale, The Hunger Games is just a child’s play.

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I first heard Sunny Hill when three of the ladies appeared in Narsha’s Mammamia. I didn’t pay much attention because they didn’t really stand out. Then about four months ago, I was checking out the K-Pop chart on YouTube when I saw Sunny Hill’s Grasshopper song on the chart. Not only the title of the song is catchy, the MV seems interesting as well. I checked out the MV — which turned out awesome, and from there I discovered two more songs from Sunny Hill: Midnight Circus and Pray. They both are awesome as well.

Grasshopper Song

One thing is for sure: you’ll find “ring-a-ring-a-ring” get stuck in your head pretty quickly after you hear this song. That’s what happens to my brother (and he doesn’t like it–he’s a hardcore fans–LOL)

Apart from that, I like the message of this song: wake up from your routines and have fun now and then. Why are people always in a rush, drown in what they have to do, ignoring what they actually want to do? How can they feel alive that way?

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When Miss A made their debut with the song Bad Girl Good Girl, I have no idea why the song is such a big hit. But then I started to like them in Breathe, where both song and choreography are funny. I still like them in Goodbye Baby, where the MV promotes women strength.


Recently, Miss A released their fourth project: TOUCH and I am instantly in love with the photo concept. It has this soft velvety feeling that is easy on the eyes, and the girls look gorgeous! ¬†However, it takes some time for me to like the song itself (when I first hear it, I think it is weird). After listening to it again and again, I’m finally able to grasp the feeling carried by the song. Check it out yourself:

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Recently, I watched 2 movies with my fiance: In Time and The Woman In Black. Both movies have positive and negative sides, but both are also recommended for any movie lover.

In Time

The main reason I watch IN TIME is because of Amanda Seyfried. I’ve been liking this actress since Dear John, and growing even more fond of her in Chloe and Red Riding Hood. Her role in this movie, unfortunately, is not very charming or daring, but she’s still a sight for sore eyes.

The tagline for this movie, Time is Money / Time is Power, is an understatement; time really is everything.

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K-POP: Amuse Me, Nine Muses

When Nine Muses made their debut with No Playboy, I dont really care about this group. Sure the song is kinda nice, but Nine Muses were terrible singing it live in their performances. It seemed like they only sold their sexual appeal since they are models. At that time, Nine Muses consisted of 9 girls, just like the name suggests, and many people were comparing them to SNSD/Girls Generation and criticizing them. Since I thought Nine Muses was just another girl group, I didnt make the effort to get to know each of the members.

<No Playboy MV | lyrics>

Then…Nine Muses made a comeback with Figaro and I fell in love with the song instantly. I think their vocal quality has improved a lot. Three members have left the group and one member joined, making the group then only consisted of 7 members. At this point, I can point out two members with fair faces that I adore: Sera and Ae Rin; I can also distinguish their vocal character. Slowly I can point out the other members as well: Lee Sem which always looks elegant and is one of the rappers of the group (the other one is Ae Rin), Eun Ji which has adorable smile,¬†Hyemi the petite one, Minha the youngest (people says she’s the prettiest in the group, but I personally think her face is kind weird) and Hyuna the new girl.

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K-POP: Big Bang Blows Your Mind

Big Bang is one of the most notable Korean boybands who has gone international. The members are G-Dragon (the leader), TOP, Tae Yang, Dae Sung and Seung Ri. I’ve been a fan since their song Lies captivated me. I think they have a unique style and they are not afraid to explore and experiment with a lot of different styles. Apart from the style, each of the members also has a unique and distinctive vocal from one another which enriches their every song. We can always tell which member sings which part because of this uniqueness. What makes me adore this band more is their English fluency (some other Korean artists I know are poor in this and I can hardly understand what they are saying when they speak/sing in English).


Big Bang’s uniqueness is very apparent, right? ūüėČ

Recently, Big Bang makes a comeback with 3 music videos: Blue, Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby. I personally like Fantastic Baby the most because it’s more up-beat than the other two and it has a lot of energy in it.

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