After some teasers and photos, this Korean girl group finally released the music video of their latest song, I GOT A BOY. It’s so…hip hop style; the song, the dance, the outfit, the hairstyle… It’s actually nice, after watching/listening several times, but my first impression is that it’s kind of all over the place and overwhelming. I don’t know how to explain it… the beat is like jumping around between fast and slow. Well, check out for yourself:

Lovely Tae Yeon

The girls leader appears  stunning, especially with her lovely voice that can be easily recognized. I personally love her green hair highlight in this MV.

I got a boy TaeyeonI got a boy Taeyeon 2

Charming Yuri

You can’t deny that she has a strong charisma. I’m glad that she keeps her long dark hair that is her main attractive point. In this MV she  also wears shades that suits her fine. Besides Hyo Yeon, Yuri looks the most suitable for this (hip hop) style.

I got a boy Yuri I got a boy Yuri 2 I got a boy Yuri 3 I got a boy Yuri 4

Adorable Yoona

Yep, she’s simply adorable, in whatever style. ‘Nuff said.

I got a boy Yoon I got a boy Yoon (2)

Cool Hyo Yeon

Hyo looks the best in this MV, perhaps because she has been sporting this kind of style right from the start. It also a plus plus point that she is the lead dancer in the group. Her gestures and her style match perfectly.

I got a boy Hyo I got a boy Hyo 2 I got a boy Hyo 3

Elegant Jessica

Cat ears + Batman shirt is her best look in the MV–she looks cute! To think about it, hip hop doesn’t leave much room for elegance, but Sica pulls it off. She manages to show some swag without losing her calm and composed style. <note: with straight hair, she does look like her sister Krystal f(x)>

I got a boy Sica I got a boy Sica 2 I got a boy Sica 3

Beautiful Tiffany

With beautiful voice and beautiful smile, Fany doesn’t need to work too hard to capture the heart of her fans. I myself am being constantly surprised by her good looks.

I got a boy Fany I got a boy Fany 2

Cheerful Sunny

Hmmm… perhaps too cheerful. Sorry to say, her hair looks like cotton candy and it’s kinda weird. She looks fun and cheerful enough in short blond locks, going with purple, tosca, and pink hair is overrated.

I got a boy Sunny I got a boy Sunny 2

Confident Soo Young

As always, she appears so confident–that’s what I like about her. Plus, she has a wide bright smile that brings happiness. Her outfits in this MV look ok, except for the jeans jumper that looks ridiculous in her tall and slim figure.

I got a boy Sooyoung I got a boy Sooyoung 2

Innocent Seo Hyun

What first captures my attention is her colorful nail art–upon closer inspection, it turns out that her nails bear the reading: I GOT A BOY–one letter each nail. It’s nice and interesting. Regarding the outfit, she doesn’t look comfortable in hip hop style. Also, her hair looks silly being split into two and braided, country-style.

I got a boy Seo I got a boy Seo 2 I got a boy Seo 3