Korean girl group Kara is back with their latest song called Pandora. I read it somewhere that what they refer to as Pandora is a Goddess whose beauty enthrals other Gods/Goddesses. Therefore, Kara girls hope to captivate the audience’s interest with their charm and beauty as well. I kinda disappointed at that shallow notion, but maybe actually Pandora holds a deeper meaning that they don’t want to share? Who knows…

Pandora has a catchy beat and a mysterious atmosphere, kind of like LUPIN but with more colors. The song captures my interest instantly, but its charm diminishes quite quickly as well. Kara girls do not hesitate to show their sexual appeal through the choreography and tight outfit. In the MV, they also throw in a sense of elegance that makes it seem they are difficult to approach.

As always, GYURI displays a Goddess of beauty look with a long and wavy locks that is done elegantly

SEUNG YEON’s image doesn’t change much, though her hair now has grown longer and makes her looks more beautiful & mature

This cute girl wears make up that doesn’t really suit her. HARA’s image is supposed to be teasing & alluring, but her cute face makes it kind of childish

The cheerful girl NICOLE! She’s probably the one who smiles the most and that alone is enough make up to make her look beautiful

As a maknae, JI YOUNG doesn’t show that she’s the youngest; instead she looks mature and bold with a blue-colored hair that is cleanly cut