And the story goes…

Deep down below, lay in deep slumber some terrible giant Gods. So terrible that all they want is to wreck havoc on earth, putting an end to humanity. They can only be appeased by annual youth offerings, and that’s why humans have done a sacrifice ritual for centuries.

In modern world, it is not enough to have an old-fashioned ritual where the youths are placed in an altar and then killed by knives/swords. The believers want to see the youths (the sacrifice) commit sin and then be punished for it. For this purpose, they have built a cabin in the woods that serves as one big altar, and below the cabin, they built huge facility to control everything that is going on above.

For every ritual, the believers need 5 youths to be sacrificed, namely the whore, the athlete, the scholar, the fool, and the virgin. Once they have chosen the five youths, they place the youths in the cabin to play their roles. Even if in reality the youths’ personalities don’t suit the roles they need to play, the believers find a way to drug them and basically mind-control them.


The Whore



The Athlete



The Fool

(who turns out to be the sharpest and smartest of them all)



The Scholar



The Virgin

(not really…)



Inside the cabin,

The 5 youths are made to choose their deathbringer. The believers, that watch everything in the monitor, bet on what kind of deathbringer is going to be chosen… It is truly despicable to bet on something like this, but the believers seem to have nothing else interesting to do at the moment.

Choosing your deathbringer; choose wisely!

The betting board

There are many options, different deathbringers to be chosen–each one is capable of invoking a horrible terror and bringing down terrible death. The believers call the them: THE ARMY OF NIGHTMARE. Some of them are:

The Wraith

The Little Ballerina

The Sawface (he’s actually handsome if you ignore the sawblades)

The Dragon Bat

The Clown

The believers have worked hard to complete the ritual and to do everything according to the guidelines, but sometimes… things go out of control.




You see the two little girls on the right? I think they are the twins from THE SHINING. What do you think?

About merman

The man seems to be a big fan of mermans. He bet on the merman to be chosen as the deathbringer every time, but he always loses. Ironically, in the end he is killed by the merman.


Think again, Curt & Jules. A room full of men is watching you guys make out :))

So true!

Marty shows that he is not a fool as his role demands him to be.


And congratulations honey, you have chosen the Buckner zombies as your deathbringer.