I’ve just watched The Hunger Games and can’t help to compare it to a cult Japanese movie, Battle Royale, like many people do. Both movies are about a game/competition requiring the participants to kill each other until only one person is left. My first thought is that to people who have watched and are actually enjoying Battle Royale, The Hunger Games is just a child’s play.

First of all, Battle Royale is more physically challenged than The Hunger Games.

In The Hunger Games, the participants (the tributes) of the game is given a period of time for training and preparation. They are also given the appropriate attire for battle: black jacket and pants. While in Battle Royale, the participants are plunged right into the battle, with only a brief time for game rules explanation. They absolutely have no idea that they’re going to participate in the game. For the attire, they’re wearing school uniforms (the girls are wearing skirts, for God’s sake!)

Battle Royale is also more psychologically challenged than The Hunger Games.

In The Hunger Games, the participants come from 12 different districts, which makes it highly unlikely for them to know one another beforehand. To fight for the glory and honor of their district, they must eliminate the participants from the other districts. In The Hunger Games, it’s highly competitive, and given the two aforementioned facts, the participants are likely more at ease about killing one another.

Well it’s a whole different story in Battle Royale. Here, the participants come from the same school, same class. Yes, they are classmates. The people they have to kill are the same people whom they spend their time with everyday: their bestfriends, even their boyfriends or girlfriends. There’s no pride or honor in killing, it’s purely survival.

Talk about the rules of the game!

The Hunger Games rules are quite simple. At the start of the game, they must fight toobtain the survival kits and weapons which are piled in one place. After that, just run into the forest, hide and observe for awhile, then hunt and kill the others while trying to survive and not to die from natural causes. It seems that this game has no time limit, though the authorities are going to offer a feast, luring the remaining participants to come out of their hiding places and to engage in direct combat when no one dies after a long period of time.

On the other hand, Battle Royale rules are very perplexing. Not only the participants have to kill one another, they also have to wear a choker with a bomb planted in it around their necks. During the game, the battlefield, which is divided into grids, will have red zones which change per hour. When a participant is caught in a red zone, the choker will detonate and boom! instant kill. Oh, and Battle Royale have a time limit (3 days if I’m not mistaken). If no sole victor emerges within the time limit, all of the chokers will detonate. They seem to have no problem in having no winner.

So what do you think?

By the way, almost forget to tell you that there are a lot more blood spilled or splattered in Battle Royale rather than in The Hunger Games. If you do not like gore, perhaps you’ll think twice before watching Battle Royale.

Last but not least:

My favorite character in The Hunger Games:

My favorite character in Battle Royale: