When Nine Muses made their debut with No Playboy, I dont really care about this group. Sure the song is kinda nice, but Nine Muses were terrible singing it live in their performances. It seemed like they only sold their sexual appeal since they are models. At that time, Nine Muses consisted of 9 girls, just like the name suggests, and many people were comparing them to SNSD/Girls Generation and criticizing them. Since I thought Nine Muses was just another girl group, I didnt make the effort to get to know each of the members.

<No Playboy MV | lyrics>

Then…Nine Muses made a comeback with Figaro and I fell in love with the song instantly. I think their vocal quality has improved a lot. Three members have left the group and one member joined, making the group then only consisted of 7 members. At this point, I can point out two members with fair faces that I adore: Sera and Ae Rin; I can also distinguish their vocal character. Slowly I can point out the other members as well: Lee Sem which always looks elegant and is one of the rappers of the group (the other one is Ae Rin), Eun Ji which has adorable smile, Hyemi the petite one, Minha the youngest (people says she’s the prettiest in the group, but I personally think her face is kind weird) and Hyuna the new girl.

<Figaro MV | lyrics>

After the success with Figaro, Nine Muses added yet another member when they released News. The newest girl named Kyungri, and I still find it difficult to distinguish her from Hyuna (in my eyes they look alike). The song News itself is a very good song, with elegant concept and a sharp set of outfits that they girls wear when they did live performances.

<News MV | lyrics>


 Still with 8 members, Nine Muses recently released Ticket. Here, Ticket represents love, and one way ticket represents a one-sided love; I think the idea is very interesting. I also like the concept of the MV because there’s a story in it–a heart-breaking one, but still is beautifully depicted.

<Ticket MV | lyrics>


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