My date last Saturday night was two movies: Underworld Awakening and The Three Musketeers.

Underworld Awakening

During the first few minutes of the movie, I thought “Dear Screen Gems, this looks too much like Resident Evil, and that’s not good.”
With this movie, you get what you expected, but nothing more: action-packed movie with a lot of blood and slashing, war between vampires and lycans (and humans), infiltration to a high defense building to save a “damsel in distress”, survival, survival, survival and…. a cliff-hanger ending, a promise for another installment.
Seriously, they are pushing it. At least they should make more effort to complicate the plot, because this one is boring.


As usual, our invicible heroine SELENE is presented remarkably by Kate Beckinsale (you already know which one she is, right?)

The adorable MICHAEL CORVIN doesnt get to stand under the highlight in this installment…

…dont fret though, we get DAVID from the vampire coven played by Theo James.

And oh I fancy him.

Another character you would fancy is EVE (the daughter of Selene & Michael). And you might wanna ask how this is possible to the scientist from the lycans clan.

Last Word: disappointing…. 😦

The Three Musketeers

Hmmm…let me make a list of things I like about this movie:
1. The intro is terrific; it caught my attention instantly.
2. There are hilarious things we can find here and there; truly entertaining!
3. It’s refreshing to see Orlando Bloom plays an antagonist character for a change.
4. Mila Jovovich shines as Milady de Winter.
5. Many superb fighting scenes (including the aerial one of course).
6. Clever plot that keeps me guessing.
7. “Shut up, Planchet!” ~ I always LOL at this. Poor Planchet.


“It’s payback time! With interest”

“Well played, gentlemen”

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