Sad Movie (2005)

You have been warned; if you despise a tear-jerking movie, then this is not for you. It is realistic though, showing the audience that not all love story have a happy ending. Some scenes appear to be overly dramatic, but then again, what do you expect from a movie?

It opens with a rain and concludes with a rain, as if the sky itself is crying together with the characters in this movie.


There are four storylines in this movie, with characters that somehow are connected to one another.

>>First story<<

A firefighter named Lee Jin-woo saves a girl from a fire and then falls in love with the girl’s older sister, Ahn Su-jeong. Su-jeong longs for Jin-woo to propose to her, in the hope that he would be more careful doing his dangerous job, but Jin-woo prefers waiting for the right time to propose.

>>Second story<<

The girl that is saved from the fire does not come totally unscathed. Feeling unconfident about her scar, Ahn Su-eun does a job as a costume character so she does not have to show her face. She is falling in love with, Sang-gyu, an art student who often comes to the park to draw. Sang-gyu also shows an interest towards Su-eun and he wants to draw the girl without her costumes, something that he cannot do so easily.

>>Third Story<<

A poor man named Jung Ha-seok is being dumped by his girlfriend who works at a convenience store after they go out together for about 3 years. The girlfriend, Choi Suk-hyun is agitated because Ha-seok does not have a steady job and does not seem to make any effort to improve his life. Ha-seok then invents a job, namely helping other couples to break up, hoping that her girlfriend would come back to him.

>>Fourth Story<<

Because of being too busy working, Yeom Ju-yong’s relationship with her young son grows distant. When she gets into a car accident and must be hospitalized, her son, Park Hee-chan, silently feels rather glad because this way he can see and spend time with her mother whenever he wants. He also silently wishes that her mother would stay sick. You know the saying “be careful what you wish for”? It fits perfectly in this case.


Jung Woo-sung as Lee Jin-woo, a man who is too late to realize that there is no “perfect” time to propose to the girl he dearly loves.

Im Su-jeong as Ahn Su-jeong, a girl who waits for the rain to fall, and also for her man to take her hand in marriage.

Shin Min-ah as Ahn Su-eun, the girl that knows from the very start that her love is going to be difficult to realize.

Lee Ki-woo as Sang-gyu, the man who falls for the snow white.

Cha Tae-hyun as Jung Ha-seok, the man who would do anything to have his girlfriend comeback to his side.

Son Tae-young as Choi Suk-hyun, the woman who finds it difficult to convince her ex that she does not love him anymore.

Yeom Jeong-ah as Yeom Ju-yong, a mother who finds it difficult to show her son how much she loves him.

Yeo Jin-gu as Park Hee-chan, the son who hides his sad tears from his mother and cries outside the hospital instead.