Horror has been my favorite movie genre ever since I was a kid. Back then, I remember being captivated watching Chinese vampire movies and Suzanna’s (an Indonesian most famous horror movie actress) movies, but the one movie that gets stuck in my mind is The Amityville Horror.

I was a fifth maybe sixth grader in elementary school when I watched it. It was aired way past my bedtime and my parents didn’t allow me to watch TV past my bedtime, so I pretended to be asleep when actually I was waiting for them to fall asleep. I tossed and turned on my bed, in the dark (the light’s switched off to keep my parents not alerted), trying so hard to stay awake. And when I was sure that the coast was clear, I sneaked out of my bedroom into the living room, which was the largest room in my house. I turned on the TV and quickly lowered the volume. The movie had already started. It’s funny when I remember it now… I mean, I couldn’t focus on the movie back then, because I was wary that my parents would be awake at any time and caught me in the act. Yet I remember the intense fear I felt from watching the scary scenes in the movie. I remember constantly checking behind the sofa that I sat on, afraid that something might suddenly jump out of the darkness to scare me.

A few years later when The Amityville Horror was remade, I was eager to see it. I went to the cinema alone (not because I wanted to relive my childhood experience watching that movie, but because no one was available to accompany me at that time). Frankly speaking, I was kind of disappointed by the remake; it’s not as scary as I hoped it would be. I wanted to watch the original version once more…but to my dismay, I haven’t find it. Nowadays I find it difficult to find a horror movie that really scares me. Perhaps it’s because I have already watched too many horror movies.. I don’t know. For me, a horror movie does not have to be gory (in fact, I don’t fancy watching movies with blood splashed all over the screen).

Let me share you some horror movies that in my opinion are good and worth watching:

The Haunting in Connecticut

No mother wants to see her kid in suffering. It is the very reason that drives Sara Campbell to move to a house that is closer to the clinic where her son receives cancer treatment, hiding to the rest of the family the fact that their new house is a former mortuary. Things get worse in no time as the spirits of the undead are attracted to the sick son who is in the brink of death.

The Haunting

With the hope to cure their insomnia, a few people participate in a sleep study which takes place in an old mansion. After spending some time in it, they quickly realize that the mansion holds a dark secret and that their very lives are in grave danger.

13 Ghosts

(I like this one mainly because of the charming concept of The Black Zodiac and the gorgeous glass house… or machine, you might say)

After the death of the mother in the fire that also destroys their house, things are difficult for the Kriticos family. Until one day they find out that they inherit the fortune, the house and the unique collection of their uncle, Cyrus. Little do they know that this unique collection includes ghosts that are stored in the basement of the house. The house turns out to be a deadly trap for the family.


(The original version from Thailand, not the Hollywood remake)

Sometimes a camera film can capture the appearance of a spirit, which is exactly what happen in this movie. As a photographer and his girlfriend investigate a curious white light in the photos they developed, they undergo scary experiences. A dark and secret past is also revealed in the process, much to the photographer’s dismay.

Jelangkung & Tusuk Jelangkung

(best Indonesian horror movies; Jelangkung is the first movie and Tusuk Jelangkung is the sequel)

Jelangkung is a spirit-summoning game in Indonesia. It utilizes a wooden doll which is holding a pen/marker as the medium for the spirit.

In the movie, a bunch of young adults play Jalangkung out of curiosity and as the consequence, they are haunted by the spirit they summon. This spirit is not very kind.

Ju-On trilogy

(The original version from Japan, not the Hollywood remake which they title The Grudge)

The story revolves around a haunted house and the people who have stepped foot in it. No one survives the grudge of the woman who was brutally murdered in the house.

Silent Hill

(though it’s scarier to play the game rather than watching the movie)

Silent Hill is an abandoned town after a terrible disaster struck it. No sane man is willing to visit this town under normal circumstances, because it is believed to be haunted. However, having a child who always mentions this town’s name while she is sleepwalking is not a normal circumstance. Her mother, Rose, has no choice but to bring her daughter to this town and find out what is truly going on.

Things go out of hand when Rose’s car crashes on the way to Silent Hill. She wakes up to find her daughter gone and the town turns out to be not quite abandoned… Can she survive the hideous critters that inhabit Silent Hill and find her missing daughter at the same time?


How far will you go to save your son?

When a spirit walker child travels too far from his body, he falls into a coma while his spirit is trapped in a realm called The Further. His father, who is also a spirit walker, sets to rescue him. But can he make it in time, before some other (evil) spirit takes over his body and his son’s body?


I’ve written (in Indonesian language) a more complete review about Insidous and it’s sequel here. If you have any horror movie recommendation, kindly inform me–I’m planning to continue this article and write Finding Horror Movies Part 2. Thanks 🙂